Marshwood Vale

Poetry by David Bushrod

Editions and availability

Marshwood Vale

Book coverMarshwood Vale was originally published in 1995 and is now in its fifth edition. The first two editions contain 25 poems and have monochrome illustrations. The third and fourth editions include poems originally published as Abbotsbury: songs of the Abbey Lands. They contain 42 poems and have full colour illustrations. The binding of the third edition is unsatisfactory.

ISBN 978 0 9542678 0 3

Book coverSevilliana

Sevilliana was published in 2011. It contains 27 poems.

ISBN 978 0 9542678 2 7


Cambria is a romance inspired by the history and culture of Wales. It extends to sixty lines and is printed and illustrated on a folding A4 sheet. It is not for sale but will be supplied free to anyone who buys a copy of Marshwood Vale or Sevilliana direct from me. Please see this page for more information on purchasing my poetry.


An Idyll

I sometimes think that lost in Wales there lies A valley that will take me by surprise, Crossing some rocky bluff I hope to see An ancient land of peace and mystery. Remote, unspoiled, by progress unbetrayed, A land where ...