Marshwood Vale

Poetry by David Bushrod

Reviews and comments

Many comments have been made about my poetry over the years. These are some of the most memorable. All made about Marshwood Vale.

Unsuitable for publication
(Messrs Faber and Faber)
I was enthralled by it.
(A lady recommending my poetry to an Arts group)
The etchings are all right if you can stand the poetry.
(A lady whose unpublished poetry I had struggled to admire)
David Bushrod is a poet and a good one too.
(Dorset Magazine)
I have copied Lewesdon Hill into a book of my favourite poems.
(An undergraduate asking me where she could find a copy of my book)
What a charming book!
(A well-known novelist and critic)
Have you come to throw your poetry away?
(On meeting a fellow poet at the local tip)
It is a minor classic.
(Obviously a fan)
Much acclaimed collection. Moments that speak for many, just in a way that few could manage.
(Marshwood Vale magazine)
Has David Bushrod written anything else?
(someone enquiring in a bookshop)

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